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Roseau, Dominica | Excrusions in Dominica | Whale Watching in Dominica

Dominica is scenic, lush and mountainous. Today we will dock (no tender), and shuttles are available for anyone wanting to go into town center, about 10 minutes away. Dominica is the best port for excursions on our itinerary.

Some of the best snorkeling in the Caribbean is off the shores of Dominica, and the Champagne Reef Snorkel Adventure operated 4 times today. My second choice was the 4X4 Waterfall & Rainforest, which included a visit to the Ti Tou Gorge, one of the filming sites for "Pirates of the Caribbean 2 - Dead Man's Chest."

Other popular options include River Tubing, a Wet & Rugged Dominica, a Cooking tour, and the one we opted for, the brand new Whale & Dolphin Adventure. This one was extremely easy - we simply disembarked the ship, took a few steps and on to our boat. The crew used directional hydrophones to listen for the clicking of the whales and the whistling of the dolphins.

The crew worked hard attempting to find whales for us. For a long time we had nothing, then arrived at a spot where one had just breached and went back underwater. Close but nothing. Finally after a wait they heard a large whale some distance away, so off we went. They raced across the ocean making every effort to get there before it went under. It is important to note that these whales often stay submerged up to 45 minutes.  But success. We found one, saw it float on the surface and give us all a big "Whales Tale" dive below the surface. We captured this prized photo and video. They opened the bar and we returned to the Wind Surf a happy group.

An interesting side note is the Sperm whale mate, calve, and reside in the waters of Dominica all year long. Since we tend to think of whale presence in warm waters to be only a seasonal thing, this was pretty interesting.

Mission accomplished. We enjoyed a relaxing and exhilarating afternoon on the water with beautiful Dominica as our backdrop and whales, up close and personal as our entertainment. Photos to prove it.

Back onboard we quickly pulled out of Dominica around 4:45. Under clear blue skies the sails raised one at a time while lush mountainous Dominica came into wide view before gradually shrinking in the distance.  Sail Away is becoming my favorite activity. It's just such a  beautiful site under these clear Caribbean skies.

Tonight we dined under clear skies at Candles on deck. Wonderful menu selections featuring many seafood options.

DRINK OF THE DAY: Harvey Wallbanger
Vodka, Galliano & fresh orange juice. $7.75

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Sails on deck on the Wind Surf
Windstar Wind Surf tender
Whales Tail from Whale Watching in Dominica
Windstar Wind Surf docked in Roseau, Dominica

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